e-Hospital@NIC is an open source health information management system ( HMIS) which is configurable and easily customizable with multi-tenancy support. It is designed to deploy in cloud infrastructure to manage multiple hospitals seamlessly.

  e-Hospital@NIC is a generic application, which addresses all major functional areas of a hospital.

 A workflow based HL7 complient and ISO/IEC 9126 certified end-to-end solution Software for hospital management which covers complete treatment cycle of OPD/IPD as well integrates clinicalal, administrative, and billing/ insurance activities.

 An Integrated HMIS Suite consists of HIS, LIS, RIS, PACS, Blood Bank and Telemedicine Suite.

 User Interfaces (UIs) and reports are easily configurable by end-user to suit hospital requirements and further enhancement.

 Template based Diagnostic and Laboratory Reports which are configurable by Doctors/ para-medical staffs to suits their requirements and preferences without compromising standards.

 Patient Registration

 Emergency Registration


 Billing and Accounts

 Path Lab (LIS)

 Radiology /Imaging (RIS)

 PACS Interface

 Blood Bank Management


 OT Management

 Pharmacy Management

  Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

 Birth & Death Registration

 Care Provision

 Stores & Inventory

 Dietary Services

 Laundry Services

 Personnel Management

 Telemedicine Suite

 Documentation (SRS/UM):ISO 830-1998

 Software Quality:ISO/IEC:9126

 Character set (Multi-lingual) :Unicode (UTF-8)

 Tools and Technology:OSS

 Framework:HL7 Development Framework

 User Configurable:PID,NK1,IN1,OBX,ORX

 Vocabulary Standards:ICD-10, LOINC, CPT-4

 PACS Frontend:DICOM

e-hospital@NIC is built on Open Source Software tools and technologies – Linux-Tomcat/JBoss-PostgreSQL/J2EE.

MDDS: e-Hospital@NIC has adopted Meta Data and Data Standards for Health Domain published by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

HL7:e-Hospital@NIC is HL7 Development Framework (HDF) compliant to support seamless interoperability among health care systems and medical devices.

Interoperability: Seemless data sharing among hospitals with access privillage and interoperability With Auto Analyzers/ PACS: HL7 ORM (Order) ,ORU(observation Results ) and third party LIS/Analyzers/PACS.