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  • Steps to adopt e-Hospital@NIC platform :
  1. e-Hospital@NIC is offered on As-Is Features Basis.
  2. First time user may Request for DEMO Access or request for an assisted DEMO over Video Conferencing.
  3. End-User is suggested to examine and evaluate thoroughly the e-Hospital@NIC features whether meeting the requirements of the targeted hospital.
  4. Once fully satisfied with features, please contact nearest NIC office at District/State or National level as well as may submit your request through e-Hospital@NIC Portal by filling up the online FORM for access and provisioning of e-Hospital@NIC Software.
  5. e-Hospital@NIC State/National administrator shall examine /accept the request based on readiness of resources at the hospital premises as well as at the respective SDC or NIC NDC Cloud.
  6. Once accepted and approved, New Hospital Details are added onto e-Hospital@NIC Platform and User ID/Password is generated for hospital level administrator.
  7. Client (Hospital Admin) logs in to e-Hospital@NIC with the generated credentials.
  8. Hospital Admin adds all master data (department, unit etc), employee details etc. and hospital starts using the software.
  9. User to engage rollout agency for implementation support. Click here for details of Empanelment letters/Rate contract issued to the Roll Out Agency (region wise) for Implementation of e-Hospital/e-Bloodbank of NIC.
  10. First time user may contact nearest NIC office for assistance/ guidance.
  11. For Contact details click here :

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